Our Coaches.

Your future coach is a fantastic person. That is the opinion of people that have done sessions with them, which is visible through our scoring and satisfaction system.


Have experience.

All of our coaches have a track record of at least 500 hours of coaching. They also have a minimum of 5 years of experience in management and team leadership. They know perfectly well what managing teams is about.


Are certified.

Our coaches are certified with one of the main international coaching associations such as ICF, ICC or IAC.


Are prepared.

They know your company, the organization chart, positions, managers and goals. We update them on your company before starting the coaching processes. They also know everything about the person they will be working with before they meet them.


Onboarding process.

Nuestro proceso de selección incluye un sistema de scoring, con entrevistas individuales y en profundidad para seleccionar a los profesionales más aptos para desarrollar el talento y el potencial de los líderes humanos de tu organización


Guaranteed affinity.

Through machine learning, we identify 3 ideal coaches for each person. The matching process is based on experience, goals, position requirements, department and industry of your company, among other variables. We guarantee complete satisfaction for all users. If anyone is not satisfied for any reason, we will find another alternative match at the moment.

Our coaches in numbers.

This is the average profile of the coaches on our platform


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Meet our coaches.


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